Our Story

Aimee and Eli have been friends for more than 20 years. Their bond has been strengthened by their mutual interest in and love of clothing and fashion and took business classes together in college with the hope they could someday open a business they were passionate about. That dream became a reality when they opened Boutique A&E in 2020.

Aimee was born and raised in Nebraska and loves fashion, running, sports, and traveling with her family. In addition to fashion and running, her passions include auto racing. 

Eli, who is originally from the west coast, relocated to the midwest early in her childhood. Fashion, running and Husker sports are high on her list of priorities as well as enjoying family time and traveling. 

Aimee and Eli want all their customers to feel amazing, confident, and sexy in whatever they choose to wear. They're excited to welcome everyone to their boutique and thank their customers for giving them the opportunity to enhance their closets! Aimee and Eli are grateful that God has blessed them to be able to live their dream and hope to have an impact on their customers' lives for many years to come.