How It All Started

The start of it all…

Since college, we have had this dream of one day being our own boss, owning our own business or paving our own way with our passion. It wasn’t until YEARS later we realized we should do something together! Both of us love fashion and clothing. The choice we were left with then was what do we sell?! Kids clothes, accessories, shoes, women’s clothing, workout clothes….the possibilities were endless!

The problem we noticed that we were coming across, as younger aged women, was finding cute, trendy clothes that fit our age and lifestyle. Yes, we still wanted to look hot and fashionable but also knew we couldn’t pull off some of the trends we could in our younger years. We also wanted to find the style we could wear to work and then feel confident to continue throughout the night.

We love happy hours! Many of the boutique ideas came from our happy hours, because why not?! We planned our trip to Vegas to get our first round of clothes to start the boutique. We were so excited! It was a lot of fun, but we also experienced and learned so much.

We knew the importance of wearing something cute and fun that could be worn day or night. Going from work to dinner or out to an event. Even throwing on a pair of jeans or jacket to dress the outfit up was something we really wanted because the flexibility “look” is important with the fast-paced day to day lifestyle. Regardless of what we wore, weather it be a t-shirt and jeans or lace top and cut off shorts, we knew if we are comfortable, we felt confident and in turn felt sexy! This is the idea we want everyone who visits Boutique A&E to know and understand. You can rock anything!

Another major addition to the Boutique A&E will be our Look Book. This will have outfit ideas and inspiration. If you are not sure how to style a certain top or what to pair it with, we will have different photos of how you can put it together! Also coming soon be our “What to Wear Wednesday’s” where it will feature certain outfits that you can wear out on different occasions.

With anything, if you have questions, please reach out. We want you to feel confident and know that we are here for you!

We hope you can enjoy shopping our store and visiting our site 😊 Thank you for being here and we look forward to seeing more of you!

Aim and Eli